Monday, June 4, 2007

Wicket : wicket.markup.MarkupNotFoundException after upgrading to Eclipse 3.2.2

After upgrading to Eclipse 3.2.2 my Wicket projects we're raising this error:

wicket.markup.MarkupNotFoundException: Markup not found. Component class: com.cinformatique.Page2 Enable debug messages for wicket.util.resource to get a list of all filenames tried
at wicket.markup.MarkupCache.getMarkupStream(
at wicket.MarkupContainer.getAssociatedMarkupStream(
at wicket.Page.onRender(
at wicket.Component.render(
at wicket.Page.renderPage(

It seems that Eclipse has changed. Wicket needs to have the *.html pages with your *.java files in your Eclipse Default output folder (../target/classes/..).
To correct this annoying problem, change your project settings:
Java Compiler -> Building.
Remove *.html from the Filtered Resources for the output folder.

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